Google Jamboard

Google’s Interactive Whiteboard

Jamboard is a revolutionary collaborative product from Google. The flagship model is essentially a reimagined whiteboard with a native application that uses an interactive touch display to work with all of Google’s GSuite apps across all devices. With Jamboard still in its early stages, Google needed an extensive library of training videos to support new customers. Our team was able to create storyboards and provide on-screen design support for the entire series.

Google’s Interactive Whiteboard
The Storyboards
The Storyboards
The Storyboards

The Storyboards

We produced storyboards for 5 videos and creative assets to be used by the actors on camera. Over a holiday week, we pulled it together to illustrate over 100 storyboard frames along with dozens of mock assets for actors to “jam” with on camera. The final videos were produced according to our storyboards and our designs were used throughout the training series.

Demo Content

The sample data we produced was to be custom and adhere to the general guide provided on the training videos. Google wanted to focus on explaining the main key function that users will find most valuable. We created loads of dummy content to be used by the talent live on the Jamboard so making them visually appealing was an important factor.

Scope of Work






UI/UX Design

Content Creation